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do it yourself solar panels easy and go green save on electricity bills
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Before you get started on your solar energy project you need to make sure you have the right tools. More importantly, you need to make sure you have the correct step-by-step instructions.
I say this because when I first started searching online for a detailed guide I found out that many of them were incomplete and some of the diagrams were actually wrong!
It's very important that you follow clear, correct instructions and that's exactly what this guide has.
Some people find it hard to believe you can make quality solar panels for less than $200. Well, we have proven it's definitely possible. There are now people from all parts of the world making their own solar panels and saving thousands off retail cost! It really does make sense to build your own solar panels, especially when it's this affordable and easy.
The Earth4Energy product comes in 6 separate parts.
Introduction To Solar Energy
In this section you are going to learn the basics of solar energy which includes how solar energy is generated. You are also going to learn about every component needed in a complete solar energy installation.
This information is very important and you will need to know this when you build your own solar panel.
Building Your Solar Panel
By now you will have a great understanding of solar energy so it's time to start building your own solar panel.
Follow these step-by-step instructions to building a solar panel and you can be sure to produce a fully functioning solar panel.
In this section you will learn how to build the panel casing and wire all of the cells together. You will get:
• Detailed plans complete with color diagrams and pictures.
• Easy to follow instructions that will answer all your questions.
• Build your solar panel for less than $100
Solar Help Package
This package consists of 4 extra resources that will help you along the way.
• The Solar Calculator
We have even developed a solar calculator for you to use. This will show you how many panels you will need to power your home and what size battery bank you will need if you want to go completely off-grid.
Just key in some details and press calculate!
• How To Install And Mount Solar Panels
This guide will show you how to fix the solar panels to your roof just like the professionals do. This fully illustrated guide is a must have for a complete and secure install.
• Solar Tax Credits And Rebates
Don't spend hours searching government web sites, we have all the forms ready for you to fill out!
• Electrical Wiring Plans
To safely wire up your solar panels you are going to need to know a few things first, that's why this guide is so important.
Earth4Energy Video Series
This is a $49 value but today it's included in the Earth4Energy e-kit for free!
We understand that pictures and text sometimes are not enough to fully understand how some things work.
That's why we have recorded a clear video of some of the most important parts of creating a solar panel. These videos are in step-by-step format and even include captions to help you along the way.
This is a must have for your solar education.
Make A Wind Turbine!
This is a $49 value but today it's included in the Earth4Energy e-kit for free!
Wind power is a great backup for when you have long periods of cloudy days. So it makes sense to build a wind turbine too!
A few cheap items from your hardware store and a couple of hours can give you free green energy from your very own windmill.
• Learn how wind energy is produced.
• Find out what you need to build your own professional wind turbine.
• Get wind maps for your area! This will help you figure out how much power you can expect from your wind turbine in your area.
Build A Wind Turbine
Want to know exactly how to build your own wind turbine from scratch?
Then you need this guide!
• Step-by-step plans
• Plenty of pictures and diagrams
• Build your windmill for under $150
This professional guide is included in the Earth4Energy kit as a free bonus for today!Part 6 - Bonus

Info Video Series
This is a $99 value but today it's included in the Earth4Energy e-kit for free!
When you order today you will receive for free our freshly released video series.
These super high quality videos use screen captures and animations to explain everything you need to know about solar power. You won't find anything like this anywhere else.
This is a must have for your solar education.
Approx. runtime: 2 hours +
Videos included: 7
Below is a recent comment about our videos:
"Oh my word!!! I am NOT "blowing smoke" to make you feel good, that is simply an amazing video. The production value is off the charts, the content is excellent and it could easily be shown as a TV documentary (it's that good).
I am literally blown away. You did a killer job on this."

do it yourself solar panels easy and go green save on electricity bills http://ping.fm/XaIrF

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